Something that I have always wanted to try is digital art. I saw this picture on Instagram and immediately fell in love with it. I was obsessed with the tree and wanted to recreate it. Its also one of my favorite people. I loved the way it turned out. The only thing that I would really change is to make it more detailed.

Methodist Hospital

Their goal to provide an exceptional patient experience while exemplifying our shared values of iRAISE — Integrity, Respect, Accountability, Innovation, Safety and Excellence. We achieve this through compassionate care, creating lifelong relationships by changing the way health and healthcare are delivered in our community. …

Art is really anything that you want it to be. It can stimulate your senses in either a positive or a negative way. At the beginning of the semester, this is what I have thought of art. It has been something that has always played a part in my life…

I did not know Amanda Huang at all before this assignment, but now I feel that I have gotten to know her very well.

This is definitely a great way to make new friends during a pandemic but I don’t think that it’ll always be a lasting friendship. Meeting people online is also another option.

We used Instagram which worked pretty well. Any messaging app could work just as well.

Padlet was fun although it didn’t always move around as I wish it did but it was something different that I have never gotten to use.

If I wanted to met someone for professional connections I would try different apps that would allow me to find these people easily

Fernando Botero is a Colombian artist and sculptor whose painting style is very unique. He originally attended matador school to become an artist. His first paintings were exhibited in 1948 when he was 16 years old. Much of his inspiration came from Spanish colonial art and political murals of Mexican…

Catherine Zhou

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