Wk 4- Art Activity- Architecture & Urban Planning

CSULB Redesigned

Instead of redesigning the entire CSULB campus I wanted to make some changes in order to improve the campus to adapt to the times. I took into consideration the situation happening with COVID-19 as well as the on going advancements with technology.

I decided to cut down the number of buildings, add a village, and a separate section for various buildings that will be utilized for student resources. I needed to consider what was absolutely necessary and what is not really needed. To do this I thought about the pandemic as well as what I would like to see as a student.

I added a village closer to the dorms because I feel that it is more convenient. As health is also a major issue I added gyms around the dorms so it is easily accessible and encourages healthier choices.

I added a computer lab as virtually everything now revolves around technology. However not everyone is great at it and we need people to be able to maintain and solve difficult technological problems so I added an IT support department. However, I added several libraries around because students still need a quiet and different place to study. I also would like to see more nature around as that can be calming and a great aid to destress.

Due to the pandemic, it is smartest that everyone stay away from each other as much as possible, so safety precautions were taken. Since this is the case there won’t be a need for as many buildings to maintain. The buildings that I decided to keep were the performing arts buildings, science buildings for labs, and math buildings. Students who absolutely need to use these buildings will be allowed on campus. Sports is still very important and every sport facility will be accessible as well.